Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Top Ten Movies From My Youth

A rip-snortin' Facebook interaction found me knee-deep in memory lane. All day I found myself thinking about the movies I loved as a kid. You know, the ones I made my parents rent from Roger's Video a hundred times. And maybe it's this nostalgia rushing through my veins that is clouding my judgement, but I'm pretty sure those films had more substance and stood to a higher standard than the family movies these days.

Except the Lego Movie. That was awesome. 

So, here they are, my top 10 movies from my youth. Oh, let me preface this by saying, these are no the BEST movies I watched as a kid. No. These are the movies I watched the MOST, that I hounded my parents to RENT, that I knew the words off by HEART. That being said, some of them are pretty epic. 

#10 - The Boy Who Could Fly (1986)

I know I have mentioned this movie somewhere on this blog before and it comes with an immense feeling of embarrassment. But I stick true to the girl I used to be and the one I am now. I still love this super corny movie. Besides, it has Fred Savage and Fred Gwynne  in it. Two Freds are better than one. Honestly, I probably watched this movie a hundred times and to this day, I can't really pinpoint what it was about it that I loved so much. It's kind of like a romance story, I guess, and there is certainly the suspension of belief. After all, the boy can fly - yeah, it isn't a metaphor or anything. He really can fly. 

#9 - Beetlejuice (1988)

My first introduction to the beautifully twisted mind of Tim Burton. Just between the two of us, I actually had a crush on Beetlejuice. Of course, he's the ghost with the most. This might seem weird, but I have always loved the way Michael Keaton talked and I am pretty certain it all started with him playing this role. Later on, he played Batman, and I was quite stoked on that. The funny thing about Beetlejuice is, a lot of the humour was way out of my league. It wasn't until I watched it again, years after growing up, that I realized it was way dirtier and totally not appropriate for my child self. 

Be still my beating heart. 

#8 - The Goonies (1985)

Here's the thing about The Goonies, it's pretty much one of the best movies ever made. And I do mean ever. Not only has it withstood the test of time, but there are very few films to live up to the adventure of this particular gem. A bunch of kids go in search of a pirate treasure and end up in a world of trouble. Not to mention Josh Brolin pretty much wears a cut off shirt through the whole thing. But he wasn't the reason I watched. I was all about Corey Feldman. Not, I am not ashamed to admit that. Now, let's all do the truffle shuffle. 

#7 - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1990)

I am incredibly saddened that this movie is being remade ... again. The original is utter perfection. To this day, I can still recite the lines from TMNT and often find myself doing so at the most inopportune times. In the new one that stars Megan Fox  as April O'Neil (are you kidding me?), the turtles look terrifying. I just can't see it living up to my already staggering expectations.

My favourite part of the original was when Casey Jones and Raphael meet for the first time and they do their whole back and forth. "The class is Pain 101. Your instructor is Casey Jones." How he doesn't realize he's fighting a giant turtle is beyond me.

#6 - Back To The Future (1985)

Allow me to introduce you to the movie that made me want to go back in time to the fifties. I swear, I honestly thought I was supposed to be born in a different time and place. Then, Back To The Future came along, and I daydreamed of a way to go back in time. You know, I am actually surprised they haven't remade this. Probably because they can't find a new car suitable for travelling back in time with. Not like the DeLorean. Nothing will ever be like the DeLorean.

And who would ever do Doc Brown justice like Christopher Lloyd? 

#5 - The Munsters' Revenge (1981)

The most cherished memory I have of this movie is my dad dancing to the opening song. You know, The Munsters' theme song. He used to do this somewhat robotic dance in the living room every time we put this on. It's funny what sticks with you after all the years. We used to own this on VHS until it was taped over by All My Children. It was right around the time Marlena was possessed. I seriously hope someone is reading this and says, "I TOTALLY REMEMBER THAT!" Anyhow, this movie is totally one of my all time favourites. I thought it was going to be higher on the list, but as it turns out, there are a few other movies I happened to watch more. 

Perfect couple. 

#4 - Ghostbusters (1984) 

Ghosts. The Marshmallow Man. Bill Murray. Literally the best theme song ever to exist. Epic quotes. Ecto-1 (the car). Sigourney Weaver. Slimer. Proton Packs. Best cast ever. Fun. 

Do you need any more reasons? I can think of fifty more. 

Just try not to sing along. 

#3 - Stand By Me (1986)

This movie is the epitome of friendship and is filled with honest truths about life. And guess who is in it - COREY FELDMAN. This movie certainly didn't help my crush on the guy. He wears nerdy glasses and is totally unstable, just what every little girl dreams about. From the writing to the acting and back to the entire vibe, you can't help but love it. Oh, it also has a moral. Or two. It's honest and stark, but funny and sweet as well. A world of emotions, I suppose. Not exactly what you think when four kids go on a journey to find a dead body. So, summed up, I loved this movie. Also, it has a young Kiefer Sutherland in it.

#2 - The Outsiders (1983) 

Just between the two of us, I actually thought this movie was going to be number one. I mean, I was literally obsessed with this book (after all, I stole two copies from my grade eight class. Two copies, yes you read that right.) and I pretty much watched the movie a hundred million times through my early teens. And just look at that cast. Tom Cruise. Emilio Estevez. Rob Lowe. Patrick Swayze. Matt Dillon. If that isn't enough, Tom Waits is in this. Sure, his cameo is small and almost insignificant, but it's Tom Freakin' Waits! Also, you may remember from number six, I thought I belonged in the fifties and sixties. 

P.S. Two-Bit Matthews was my favourite character. 

#1 - Clue (1985)

I don't want to give it all away, but Mrs Scarlet did it in the library with the rope. Just kidding. There are three endings to this movie and that isn't actually one of them. How did this beat out The Outsiders? Acting. Honestly, I love the dreamy young studs who flexed their muscles and overacted every single line they had. The entire ensemble cast of Clue is genius and leading the comedic pack is Tim Curry-, who plays the butler. Not too long ago, I had a Skype date with Rebula and we actually watched this movie. It gets better with every viewing. My favourite parts are the singing telegram and when Mrs Scarlet says there are flames at the side of her face. If you want to know what I am talking about you'll just have to watch the movie.

Listing all these movies has made me want to drive to the video store and walk up and down the aisles searching for a movie to rent. I can't, of course. Because video stores no longer exist. See, the times may change, but taste never does. Now, tell me your the movies you insisted on watching over and over and over and over. 

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