Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Representing Hades

Because I am the world's most efficient of procrastinators (doesn't that sound like an oxymoron), I decided to take an online quiz called 'Which Greek God or Goddess Are You'. Blame Noelle, she's the one who posted the link when she knows I should be editing chapters and writing blogs - like I'm going to take responsibility for my lack of productivity.

Anyway, the results are in. Hades. I am representing Hades, God of the Underworld, and at first, I was like 'AWESOME'! Because that was my knee jerk reaction, but I think it actually comes down to the desire to have a three-headed dog named Cerberus, or Fluffy. (That's a little inside joke for all the Potter fans out there)

After pumping my fist in the air joyously, I actually read the little blurb under the picture of Hades and realized, strangely enough, the write up was fairly accurate. It talked of organization and being detail oriented, two of my most favourite things to be, and of being a romantic, which I am ... hopelessly. Last but not least, it touched on the desire to have a place to get away from the every day grind, needing a sanctuary to escape to when the world is too much to handle. Of course, I use the forest, but the Underworld might have a quaint cubbyhole for my liking.

Of course, my excitement may be a big ignorant, considering I don't actually know all that much about Hades. To be frank, everything I do know came from the Disney movie Hercules. That being said, he did kidnap Persephone while she was out picking flowers, which in turn caused Demeter, her mother, to curse the land into an epic famine. So, that's got to be a strike against him, even though Zeus promised her to him. And in his favour, he was given the Underworld while his brother Zeus was given the sky and Poseidon the sea, which doesn't exactly seem fair.

Now I am wondering if my initial thrill was premature. Oh well, off to watch Hercules.

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