Friday, June 27, 2014


For those of you who didn't know, I had this badass blog I used to do with a friend of mine. It revolved around pop culture and was, seriously, the best thing I've ever participated in. Today, I am going to regurgitate one of the most popular posts I penned off that long, lost blog. It's from way back in 2009. Because I care, I have actually gone through and cleaned it up, put a bit of editing to work, and fixed a handful of grammatical errors I am too embarrassed to admit I made.

So, here it goes:

Right this minute I was watching the episode of 90210 where Color Me Badd guest appears. At the end, they sing I Adore Mi Amore to Donna at the Peach Pit. This entire episode of awesomeness got me thinking about the days when I used to put my sister's Color Me Badd tape in the cassette player, hit play and dance around my room to such fine tunes as I Wanna Sex You Up and All 4 Love.

Upon watching this episode I realized 5 things:

1. It was not appropriate for me to be dancing around at age ten to a song where the lyrics are, 'Let me take off all your clothes, disconnect the phone so nobody knows.' To be honest, I didn't even think it appropriate for Donna and Kelly to be hearing it. Now that I am older and, ahem, wiser, I cannot believe no one stopped me from listening to this.

2. Color Me Badd is painful for me to read and type out. I am not the most pedantic of people and I understand the Americans spell things differently, but it actually pains me not to put the 'u' in colour.

3. This band is not then, nor are they now, attractive. Not a single one of them is what I would consider hot or cute. Funny, really, because they are a boy band, essentially. And isn't that what boy bands were all about? Not to mention, they are singing about sexy stuff. Maybe if they had the looks they would have stuck around a bit longer.

4. The lyrics are really bad and help give me a false sense of what men would be like. For example, in All 4 Love, he says he will give her flowers and call her every night. False expectations, for sure.

5. It is a confounding fact, but every last one of these men appear to be sucking in their cheeks at all times. I don't understand this, and me thinks I never will.

On a side note, I still can't believe David cheated on Donna.

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