Monday, March 30, 2009

Frivilous And Futile

There are not many "girly" things that I do. I don't wear make-up, rarely wash my hair, have never gone to a spa or had a manicure and the last time I had my hair cut by someone other than myself was when my dad cut it with a knife when I was in grade seven and I had lice. Basically I am a boy with boobs. I eat large portions, talk with my mouth full, make inappropriate jokes, laugh when people fall down and think farts are funny. I curse like a sailor, love Gears of War, wish ill will on others and would smoke cigars if I didn't find smoking disgusting. I am a womanizer, I have the hormones of a 13 year old boy and would make a half hour detour if it meant I could catch a glimpse of a fine piece of ass.
That said there is one thing that is my vice.
Beauty products.
Which may seem funny because I don't wear make up, but when I say beauty products I don't mean lipstick and eyeliner, I mean bubble bath, face wash, body sprays, hand soaps, lotions and shampoos and conditioners. At this point I would like to share some products that are top of my list:
Soft soap Grapefruit Body Wash-This stuffs smells like heaven in a bottle, leaves the skin baby soft and makes me want to eat it. It's relatively cheap and will make you happy.

Kiss My Face Green Tea and Lime Shampoo and Conditioner- this also smells like heaven in a bottle. It works really well and leaves hair silky smooth. Not to mention it is earth friendly. You have to love earth friendly products, there simply isn't enough of them.

Soft Lips Tangerine Temptation- I have constant chapped lips in the winter and this little product left my lips happy, smooth, and smiling. Not to mention I love the smell of orange stuff and this is aroma euphoria

Dove Cool Essentials Body Mist- invigorating and cheap.

Clean For The Day Kiss My Face- This face cleanser works miracles. I follow this up with the Under age moisturizer and it is amazing as well. The thing about this cleanser is that it smells like Vanilla and Tangerines, which I didn't know before I bought it and if I did I wouldn't have bought it because I hate the smell of Vanilla. This one though is different the smell is intoxicating and reminds me of candy.

What It Should Be

Ever since I was a young duckling entertaining myself with horror movies galore I always enjoyed a good Vampire flick. I had this thing for Bela Lugosi when I was 13 that was what adults would call unusual.
It's been a while since I have seen a really amazing Vampire movie. Especially a present day one, and boy did I have a treat when I watched Let The Right One In.

This is what Vampires should be like. Scary, blood thirsty and harsh. They can't enter your house unless asked, they are vicious and brutal. None of this shitty glittering in the sunlight bullshit. I hate it when people mess up folklore. They can't go in the SUN. THEY CANT GO IN THE SUN! And not because they will twinkle like a wingless fairy either, because it will kill them. And they don't drink animal blood. That's why they are dangerous, because they drink human blood!

Anyways Let The Right One In impressed me beyond belief. And I saw it back when it was in the theatres.
What started this random rant?
Well they are making a shitty American one that will be one eighth as good as the Swedish one.

I digress....

I Just Can't Help Myself

So maybe you don't know but I love the soldiers and their music. At this moment in time I have a fascination with Kid Cudi. I can't control it. When I see pictures of him I get giddy like a high school teenager. I feel like I have a crush and I'm daydreaming about him in History class. Or at work. Whatever same difference.
Maybe you dont know who he is, it's acceptable if you don't but once I open you up to him I want you to relish him.
He appeared on Kanye's 808 album and he has this incredibly catchy song 'Day & Night' it's crazy addictive and well just plain fun. Here is the deal I think he is the whole package....
In the sense that he is hot.
He has a CD called Man on the Moon but it isnt realeased yet but mark my big thing. If you can get your hands on his mixtape 'A Kid Named Cudi' I promise you won't be disappointed.

Sunday, March 29, 2009


When I worked at A&B we used to have mixed tape clubs and we would exchange mixed tapes & CD's to one another. I went old school and always brought a tape. It was more work of course but I felt it paid off. When i started dating Jay he mocked me mercilessly because I still rocked a Walkman when walking to and from work and frequently would play these mixed tapes I acquired at the clubs.
I still have this thing for cassettes, like I still have this thing for vinyl. I find it comforting and retro and it makes me sleep better at night. Regardless other people still represent with the cassettes. And you need to check this link out below because it is AMAZING.
Your mind will be blown:

Friday, March 27, 2009

Gaming Affair

So I think I indirectly am having a gaming affair.
There is this guy that I play Gears Of War with all the time.
We were playing GOW execution last night and he sends me a message that says 'describe what u look like so I can put a face to your name'. Well my name is 'ViolentOutburst' and my avatar is this black haired girl with fangs and a sailor cap with glasses, she's really cute.
As you can tell by my pic I look nothing like her.

Regardless how do you answer this question?

I don't want to lose my gamer friend but for some strange reason I got super paranoid that Jay would think I was having a GOW Affair. It's a tricky world.
My response to his question was 'female', which didn't satisfy his interest. In the end I learned that he had a family, two kids and he was only 23. A little young to have youngsters if you ask me. Regardless maybe he was just curious what my ugly mug looked like but I couldn't shake the feeling that I was doing something I shouldn't be doing. Even by not doing anything.

I personally don't care if he knows what I look like. Because lets be honest I could be lying.

Not only that but how do you describe yourself without sounding ridiculous.

'Yeah I have dirty blonde hair that I only wash once a week, it's curly and really long but I never leave it down, it's a ratty bun on my head. I have two eyes that are this weird messed up green color, I wear glasses because I can't see without them, I have a shiny piece of metal in the middle of my chin, a little blobby nose, bangs that are too long and get in my eyes, eyebrows that are like little caterpillar over my eyes and a rather round face. On my forehead is a scar that my cat gave me and I have really nice teeth '

It makes me sound like a villain in a Disney movie.

It's just stupid. I could say all that and my eyes could be lopsided and I could be leaving out the fact that I have a tail and cat ears. How would he know?

This just goes to show that there aren't really many girls in the gamer world.

For all he knows I could be this dude:

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I Kissed A Girl An I Liked It

I had the weirdest dream the other night.
I took Leppy and Rebs to a distance relatives party. I didn't know them well and it was sort of an awkward gathering.
It was only made more awkward when that Katy Perry song 'Cherry Chapstick' or whatever it's called came on. Now I hate that song so why i would be dreaming about it I dont know.
Anyways there are kids playing games in the living room and adults sitting on the couches and there is this coffee table. SO the song comes on and Rebs gets so worked up that she starts doing this little dance, that is provocative and only made worse because she is wearing a school girl outfit, plaid skirt and all.
So she starts stripping. And I start saying "Rebs! What are you doing?"
Well her grande finale is to slide across the coffee table on her knees and tear open her blouse so everyone gets a t
it show.
I start yelling at her and she's upset because I'm yelling at her and she says "I'm sorry I just got carried away."
Yup that was her excuse.
And then Leps says to me, "What was her excuse?"
And I say, "She got caught up in the moment."
Weird dream huh.

Now I have a new respect for Rebs and that song.

Oh My Word

Go to this website and just take it all in.
This made me more happy than words can explain

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Things That Go Bump In The Night

I lived on my own for four years. On my very own. No roomates, no sleep over boyfriends. Just me and my cat, the little Etsmobile. And never was I afraid of sleeping alone. Now I live with Jay and without fail everytime he goes away on business I work myself up into a scare. I hear noises, I hear voices and then Oliver goes bonkers and barks at the front door.
I check under the bed, I check and recheck the locks, the windows the doors. And I even turn the night light on in the hallway. I clench my fists and prepare myself for being violently awoken by someone in my room in which I will pummel them with said fists and make them wish they never entered my domain.
It's not like I am without safty measures. I have Etnie. No one is getting past him without some sort of warning. Anyways, the point is.
I don't like it. I hate the fact that I get spooked when I'm all by myself. Sure the guy who was on my balcony at four in the morning could have propelled this fear a little. but still!
I am a grown woman. I shouldnt be afraid of the boogeyman.
Sometimes I wonder if I screamed bloody murder would my pothead neighbors come to my rescue?

Look at this dude, he is trying to steal my candlestick. Hey! Put that down buster! What your going to hit me with it? Oh no! Now I am dead.
Good thing I dont really have candlesticks.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Monday Morning Complaint

When people complain about Facebook.

Do you seriously have nothing more going on in yourlife that the redesign of Facebook puts a damper on your day?
It's change get over it, get used to it, and move past it.
You know what you could do if you really don't like it?
Cancel your account.
For real.
But you won't do that. Nope you're just going to change your status to something like:
Nina Bo Bina: Hates the new facebook-I can't find anything.

First off it's third person so you can't use 'I' and second get over it....
I want a status update I can sink my teeth into. One with pizazz, one with gold, one that's funny.
I don't care if you don't like the new FB look, and personally I don't think you should care either.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


It's five forty in the morning.
I say, "The world will go on without me"
"No if you weren't here it would knock the world on it's access" Christene responds.
"What? Like Acess Hollywood?" I ask, cause I like it when people say the wrong word, in place of others.
And then Christene tells me that she is retarded in the mornings and every other part to the day. Were laughing.
Then Christene says, "I hate Access Hollywood, all they ever talk about now is the Octo-Mall"
"What? What's an Octo-Mall?" I ask, I am curious because it sounds amazing and the idea of an octagonal mall with an octopus on top of it blows my mind.
"You know Octo-Mom" Christene clarifies.
Octo-Mom. Clearly my hearing is going, and I am slightly retarded to, this fine morning.
I don't want to talk about the Octo-Mom, she's over done.
What we really need to discuss is the OCTO-MALL!
What a dapper Octopus that is!

Monday, March 2, 2009

I Thought He Was A Goner

But Vampire Boyfriend came back!
This monday Rules.

So as per one of my previous posts, there is this guy who is exceptionally pale who eats lunch in our cafeteria. He has been MIA for like a month. I had given up hope. I though he either, quit, got fired or got staked. But today towards the end of our lunch guess who came strolling in?
That's right VB!
He looked at me and I couldnt help the smile that seeped across my face.
It just goest to show, good things do come to those who wait.