Sunday, June 1, 2014

Crows Before Hoes

Tonight is Game of Thrones.

I know I shouldn't be a slave to the picture box, but I can't help it. I absolutely love this show. (For the information of all those who care, I also love the books and am currently reading Feast of Crows, so don't spoil anything for me, okay Jonny?)

Anyhow, last week the GOT was on some sort of hiatus, meaning there was no episode. I would love to say this didn't bother me, but I would be lying. There was much pouting involved and, when I realized it wasn't happening, I strongly considered just going to bed and ending the day. I didn't,though, because I have Mondays off and going to bed at eight on a Sunday is a little too elderly, even for me.

Needless to say, I look forward to sitting down with my dysfunctional Westeros friends and praying the ones I love the most (The Hound, Bronn and Arya) live to see another episode. But as I write this post and think about the ensemble cast and intricate stories, the families, the sigils and mottos, I am realizing Game of Throning isn't something you do alone. If not a group activity, it's at least an event which needs a partner.

And if you love Game of Thrones and your partner doesn't? It's doomed for failure. Okay, I jest, but only a bit because this is the type of show/book you need to talk about. I firmly believe it brings those who love it together and drives those who dislike it away with a torch. These plot twists and dramatic deaths need to be discussed because while the carnage is great, and the rapes far too often, it is hard not to get hooked to the point of addiction.

Because this is a safe zone, I'm going to admit something I might otherwise not. When someone tells me they don't watch or read Game of Thrones, I weigh whether or not it is worth it for me to engage in conversation. I try not to be a judgmental git, but sometimes it's so very hard. Deep down, I know Game of Thrones isn't for everyone. I do, I KNOW this, but I still question the judgement of those people who 'just don't get it' or simply aren't interested in it at all.

Yes, all this pondering makes me a nerd, and I don't mind. Not one bit. I love the idea of submerging myself in a different world I'd never be able to exist in. There was a time when I didn't read these books. A time when my old coworkers used to gather together and chat about them, and I'd sit there thinking 'what's the big deal?'. Now, I understand. Now, I wish I had the ability to go back in time to interject my two cents on Jon Snow's lineage.

So, to the ones who 'don't like fantasy', trust me when I say, just give it a go. This is different. So very different. You will like the dragons, I promise. My advice to anyone wanting to give it a go to see what it is all about. Try watching or reading it with someone who already has, they can explain any questions you might have - because the characters are many and the back story plenty.

With all this being said, you all know what I am doing tonight.

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