Monday, June 2, 2014

The Wacky Woods

Today I took a walk in the Wacky Woods. It's this hidden art installation in Fanny Bay, put together by a man named George Sawchuk. Not only did George turn his 4 acre backyard into an outdoor art exhibit, but it's free and interactive. What will you find in the Wacky Woods?

Motivational quotes, books hidden in nooks in trees, anti-political and government sculptures and a lot of radical ideologies that go against virtually everything we have been raised to think. The Wacky Woods is equal parts nature and creative spirit. If you choose to walk in the woods, don't go alone, bring someone along, and be prepared to think, pause, and chat about the things you see.

What I loved the most? How George managed to stress our responsibility to the Earth. There was an overwhelming theme of how drastic our behaviour has changed this world we live in. How we need to step up, band together, and not be afraid to resist and speak out. While I wandered through this AMAZING piece of history, I was in awe of this man who took the time to create such a magnificent place and opened it up for everyone. I couldn't think of one person who wouldn't be inspired by it.

And because I am a total picture whore, I tool plenty of them. I will only post my top ten here, though.

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