Thursday, October 28, 2010

I'll Be Missing You

There are times in life that really suck. And there are times that don't. This is one of those times that truly and utterly do. For anyone who knows anything about my working environment, you know that Leppy (Otherwise known as Christene) is my confidant, my source of entertainment and one of the only reasons I haven't dove head first out of the window I sit at.

We were hired together. And I thought we would be fired together. But it looks as though Leppy has beat management to the punch and she's handed in her golden ticket, so to speak. She quit the team. And as much as I hate quitters, I simply cannot bring myself to hate her. There is only a pit of dread and sadness, where good times and belly laughs once resided.

I suppose I should act like an adult, shake her hand, and say, "It's been a slice, my friend." But alas, I cannot bring myself to do it. So for the past week I have been silently stewing, wiping the rogue tears which manage to escape away and crossing my arms against my chest. If my depression over this even gets any worse I will have to dye my hair black, put on Dashboard Confessional and slam my door whilst screaming, "No one understands!"

The truth is, I am sure people feel they understand. But here's why they don't. They don't know Leppy. For three years, she's been the ying to my yang, the Salt to my Peppa and the laughter to my horrible jokes. If ever I needed someone to confirm something, Leppy was there, confirming it. If ever I need someone to join in while I sang City High's What Would You Do, Leppy was there singing it. If ever I needed some stray piece of art to show up at my desk, Leppy was there, delivering it.

This is an end to an era. And I am completely broken hearted and devastated. In these three years, we've been through so much. Two weddings, a funeral, a divorce, a first date, two proposals, two car accidents, two desk moves, a handful of food days, a couple ridiculous meetings, the downfall of business casual, a couple pairs of Converse shoes, a whole lotta Red Vines, a puffy foot scare, a rather unpleasant Master Cleanse, a bundle of amusing lunches and hours upon hours of hilarity.

But they say all things must come to an end, and this is no exception. And while I am taking it hard, and trying to stop the tears welling in my eyes, I send Leppy off into the world with a hug and a kiss. She'll be just fine. It's me I'm worried about. After all, who the hell is going to know what I am talking about when I want to revisit Mr. Belvedere or have a discussion about WWF and the term 'Suck It'. Sigh.

Good Luck, Leppy.

This ones for you.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

And By Thursday...

I am a Zombie.

Here's a general rundown of my week:

Sunday: Record Vlog - Bitch and moan about how fast the weekend went.

Monday: Up at four, telling myself I will take a nap right when I get home. Drive to get Rebs. Get to work. Work for nine hours. Drive home. Don't take nap, instead do some writing. Think, well at least I get to watch Dexter and Empire Boardwalk from Sunday. Go to bed around 11. Tell myself I will only read a couple pages of my book, read twenty. Don't know when I get to sleep.

Tuesday: Get up at four-thirty and vow to take a nap when i get home. Throw cloths on. Get to work, work for nine hours, realize it is a gym day, mope a bit. Go to the gym. Get home. Avoid nap, take a bath. Insist I will edit vlog. Start playing on Twitter, procrastinate till nine, do some writing. Hit the bed at 11 and insist I will get an early night the next night.

Wednesday: Wake up at four - contemplate phoning in sick. Weary sigh. Get out of bed. Promise myself I will take a nap when I get home. Go to work. Work nine hours. Return home by three (sometimes earlier) Longingly look at bed, but know I have to edit vlog. Spend four hours editing vlog, but at least I can watch Criminal Minds while doing so. Remind myself I need to go to bed early. Glance at clock, it's 11 - oh to bed, insist I will only read a couple pages. Pretty sure it's well after midnight by the time I turn the light off.

Thursday: Press snooze six times. Drag sorry ass out of bed. Put clothes on, most likely stained, and drink a cup of orange juice. Head to work. Bash head on desk. Tell myself I cannot go to bed so late, especially when sleeping is so fitful, tell myself I need to take better care of my body which is broken down. Co-worker asks me a question, I reply, "Arrrrgh gahhhhh braaaaiiinnnnssss". Have reached full zombie mode. Another gym day. Shoot death glares at perky skinny girls on treadmill. All I want is cake and sleep, a nap where I eat cake just before hand. Go home. Realize I can't nap, because I have to finish my vlog and upload to YouTube which takes centuries. Put grumpy face on. Edit vlog. Vlog fails upload at 11, I want to cry, but I set it to load again. Drag ass to bed. Refusing to look at clock.

Friday: No snooze today. Spring out of bed, throw clothes on, rush to living room. Make vlog live, post to twitter and facebook. Head to work. Work nine hours. YAY it's Friday and I can party after work, do what I want, the world is my oyster. Fall into bed and nap till six. Eat dinner. Tell myself I will write, but feel so worn out, I contemplate hibernation. Go to bed around midnight.

Saturday: Rest.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Whew! I Made It

Thank goodness it's Friday. To be honest, this week was a bit of a pissa. And in truth, I am glad it is over. My body longs for a nap, my head would love to be cleared, and my WIP MC is silent (which isn't actually a good thing, because I want to finish the book) Discouraged with writing, vlogging, and everything else I put my hands on this week, I was pleased to see the week end.

I am sure next week will be better. For example, I won't delete my vlog files. I will finish my WIP. And I won't have to spend 9 hours cleaning my house. Things shall return to normal. If they don't, I have a feeling my vlogs will get increasingly more loopy...Currently, they are at moderate loop...and the loop-o-meter needle is flicking to the top. Hopefully after two wonderful days of rest, I will be back to regular Tyson by Monday. I promise I will deliver a Melodic Monday as well.

The grumpiness has faded. A little blueness remains, but I still did my part and delievered a vlog for the masses. This Ain't No John Hughes Movie went live this morning. You can view it here. And I would appreciate you passing it along through FB and Twitter that would be AWESOMENESS!


Thursday, October 14, 2010

Quit Playing Games

It's six in the morning, what are you doing? Well, Leppy and I just finished watching, and extensively discussing, the Backstreet Boys and boy bands. Here is a rundown of our discussion:
1. In the boy bands of the nineties, there had to be at least two ugly/unfortunate members.

2. They liked to have their ears pierced.

3. We are still unclear as to which Backstreet Boy is the cutest, we couldn't reach an agreement. Leppy is about the AJ and I kinda think that Brian is hot--you know except for the fact that he doesn't have a top lip and his earrings blinded me with their flashiness.

4. In the music video of Quit Playing Games, why are they rubbing themselves in the rain?

5. Why does Howie take his shirt off?

6. If a guy told me to quit playing games with his heart, I'd kick him in the head.

7. Boy bands no longer exist because the male bands of today actually play instruments. The idea behind a boy band is a group of 'men' (I use that term loosely) who do not play instruments-IE New Kids On The Block, N'Sync, 98 Degrees, O-Town, Backstreet Boys.

8. Did these grow men feel ridiculous in these bands?

9. Did anyone other than Justin Timberlake break out of the boy band and follow through with a successful career?

10. We are unsure if these guys still have money, but they seem to have pulled a fantastic vanishing act.

11. Is it just me or does Kevin look uncomfortable in everything?

12. The jury is still out on whether they boy band will make a resurgance...and no one is certain how they would feel about it if they did come back.

13. Without a doubt in my mind, I know I have wasted at least fifteen minutes analyzing the BSB...

14. I am unclear as to why they wear matching outfits.

15. They really like to move their hands around.

16. The dance moves are lacking.

17. I love how each video is like a little skit with a storey in it. It entertains me away from the fact that the music is mind-numbingly dumb.

18. Remember when the Fun Factory appeared on the Get Down

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A Blue Sorta Day

It's Tuesday. If you were wondering, Tuesdays don't get me down. Yesterday, I accidentally deleted my vlog files, which means I either skip the vlog this week or rerecord ASAP. I still need to submit my recording of an excerpt from my novel for a friend. One of my friends has given her notice at work. She's like the Beaker to the Scientist guy on The Muppets. I'm really going to fucking miss her. And on top of that, I completely forgot about Melodic Mondays-only because I am a bad parent and tend to ignore my babies on my days off. And I just got news that someone I truly adore is heading off again for a short while and contact will be nil.

So, I heave a sigh.

There is also the fact that I am winding down my novel. "In Wolf's Clothing" is well over the 3/4 mark which means I have a measly 20K or so to write. It will probably be done end of next week. The end is making me sad. I don't want to write it, but my MC has accepted that it must be this way. Funny how they always know best. All of these tidbits are making me a little gloomy.

The vlog thing is a lot of work. And though I really enjoy doing it, I must say, deleting the files is a real piss off. I even had them almost edited. Well, I guess I will see how productive I am tonight. If I can record it, maybe I can spend tomorrow editing it and have it up in time for Friday.

I wouldn't want to neglect my (adoring?) fans more than I already have. This is so uncharacteristic of me. Do you ever get sad for no apparent reasons? I want to chalk it up to me not being productive, but that's not the case. My novel is at 68k which means I wrote close to 20K in the last four days. Maybe it's just a sad day, I can have one of those, can't I?

To make up for the lack of music on Monday, here is a song...for my friend, for my lover.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Just A Little Crush

Vlog days are not only fun, but they teach people important things, like what a weenis is. Watch the video to see today's vlog! YAY!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Vegas Baby! Vlog Day Friday!

I'm starting to look forward to these vlog days, there is something about them that makes me happy. I think it might be the fact that I have something I need to do each week and so it motivates me to at least do SOMETHING. If you follow me on twitter or are friends with me on facebook, you know I am working on a new novel. I do have a working title of 'In Wolf's Clothing' and it is a gangster-love story. If you want to know whether it is any good ask Noelle or Paul.

And here is this weeks vlog, enjoy!