Monday, December 30, 2013

What's Your Damage?

Collectives never used to be my thing. They came down to being a big fat headache riddled with whiners and excuse makers.

I don't want to know why you couldn't make a deadline. How life inexplicably fell apart for you. Or that your muse packed up and left you the day before you started your story.

None of that's for me.

But apparently, with the right crew and captain, the boat called Collective can actually win.

I am winning at collectives now.

As some of you may know, I wrote a long short story, almost a novella, for a little know book called Cars & Girls for a writerly group called Pankhearst.

Well, now the second installment by this fantastic mob is out.

It's called Heathers.

And it is authentically young adulty. Meaning, it is rough, gritty, and true. The emotions behind it. The subject matter.

It comes with a warning, but don't let that sway you.

Square your shoulders, take a deep breath and click this link.

Then buy the book.

You won't be disappointed. My story is last because . . . well, it's good to finish with a bang, right?

Sunday, December 22, 2013

An Idea

It feels as though I haven't been here in forever. 

And when I say forever, I think of that part in Sandlot. You know, this part: 

Now that I am here, I want to talk to you about an idea I am entertaining. Not for a new book or a diabolical scheme to take over the world. I try not to share those sorts of things here, just in case I hit on something good and someone stumbles across this here page and snakes it right out from under me. So, I do have some secrets, including a well-crafted diabolical scheme to take over the world. 

Anyhow, the idea I have is for the New Year. (Does anyone else feel a little ill over the fact it is 2014? Where the hell is my hover board?) 

I digress. 

My idea is to post one thing I am grateful for each day. Where? Right here on my blog. Because, well, this is basically like my diary anyhow. Can I do this? Will I want to do this once January rolls around? Is it a good idea? These are things I am thinking. Except, it's kind of intriguing me. You see, it won't have to be major things. I can post a sentence or a massive post to explain. (This will be dependent on my mood, of course.) Basically, I will be posting things I appreciate and that make my life a little better - for example, running water. Or just little things I am grateful for like oatmeal raisin cookies and gingerbread tea. 

Yes, I am having a cookie and tea as I write this. What kind you ask? See above. 

That being said, I think the idea has some validity. Not necessarily for the adoring public who tune in here every single day just to see what I am up to. (Those poor saps have been waiting patiently for nearly a month for me to post again. Good thing there are exactly zero of them in existence). 

Sometimes, I get on kicks like this. Tasks to stick to in order to see how much self control I have. If I can actually do it or not. Kind of like my own personal test. Like posting every day in October or doing the 30 Day Shred, or going a month without sugar. Really, this would be the biggest thing I've committed myself to. 365 posts. That's a lot of posts. Every single day. 

Unless we take into consideration the whole vegan thing. Then that's the longest, going strong at thirteen years. Or not drinking and smoking and doing drugs. That's been going strong since birth, I think. Unless I was a toddler with a bad habit, which would explain the lack of pictures from my childhood. 

There is an upside to personal goals, long term and short - the repercussion factor if one doesn't succeed. Nothing too strict, of course, just a little self flagellation - the same kind Agent Von Alden from Boardwalk Empire participates in. Nothing like a whip across the back. Errr, maybe not. 

Still, I'm mulling over this. It's good to be grateful. And why not share with the masses? Who knows, maybe this might turn into something grand.  

Or maybe I will forget all about it after sleepy-time tonight.