Thursday, June 12, 2014

Put It In The Basket

This isn't about Silence of the Lambs and creepy Buffalo Bill. It's about the beach, of course. When do I write about anything else. It's literally (I hope you read that word as Rob Lowe says it in Parks and Recreation) my most favourite place to go. Other than the forest.

Tonight the Sidekick and I went to the beach. We took the milk crate from the back of the truck with us, so we had something to carry our treasures in, like rocks and sticks. We carried the basket tandem style, swinging between us. The Sidekick only agreed to do so because of the cuteness factor. If you didn't know, he thinks we are a pretty awesome couple. I know this because he told me this very evening.

Anyhow, there we were, walking along the beach, searching for awesome things to put in our basket, when the Sidekick startles. I too was looking down, so I saw the critter that scared him, and it was clear he thought it was alive. Well, dead, actually. But once alive. And it was clearly a stuffed animal.

But then he gasps and with this curious smile says, "That's fucking adorable. Put it in the basket."

And into the basket the stuffed critter went.

If that isn't enough to put a smile on your face, I then said, "All we've found is an otter, and it isn't even real." 

To which he replied, "That isn't an otter. It's clearly a beaver!" 

But it doesn't have a beaver tail and it's holding a starfish! He relented because my argument was so sound. In conclusion, I think the Sidekick's wacky tobacky was even wackier than normal.  

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