Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Puke & Flowers

How do puke and flowers fit so nicely into one post? Like this:

At five o'clock this morning, I woke to the sound of Dixon retching. Because he is all gangly legs and pushy paws, he sleeps in his crate. Oh, don't be sad for him. He's literally right beside the bed and if he starts whining too much, I let him out. For the record, I am always the big spoon with him.

So, when I heard him gagging, I knew I had to move quick. We needed to get down the stairs and outside before puke make an appearance. In this moment, we worked as a finely tuned machine. Neither of us wanted him to vomit all over the place. As I ushered him down the stairs, he moved at a surprising pace considering he was making that nauseating noise dogs make when they are about to upchuck.

Just in case you are wondering, the Sidekick is the heaviest sleeper known to man. He sleeps through everything. I honestly fear one night he will sleep through the apocalypse. It's to the point that I worry about him. He doesn't even wake up when the dogs bark! How is that possible? This all ties in nicely with the story, because he didn't rouse at the sound of retching. Any late night emergencies, like four AM poops or early morning pukes, are all done under the guidance and tender care of mom (that's me!). You see, I am pretty much the lightest sleeper ever to grace this planet. Anything out of the ordinary jolts me upright.

Yes, we did make it outside. Sort of. The vomit came right as I opened the door. He got the front stoop. I suppose this is better than inside. Still, after a five o'clock wake up call to puke, it's hard to go back to sleep. Especially when your allergies are acting up. Yeah, breathing through my nose was impossible and my eyes itched so bad I considered removing them. Only for a minute.

When do the flowers come into play?

Right here.

Dixon picked me some flowers from the garden and made me a card to thank me for taking him outside to puke at five in the morning. What an awesome thing to come home to. It make me smile. If you look close you can see his dirty paw mark as a signature. Funny how the Sidekick and him have such similar writing. :)

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