Wednesday, June 18, 2014

I Shouldn't Watch Television

For a very long time, I didn't watch television. When I first moved out, I never got cable, but in the past couple years, I've fallen in love with a handful of programs. I blame my ex. He was super into television. My addiction started with the Sopranos, then I got suckered into Six Feet Under and from there it kind of cartwheeled out of control. Back when I had a PVR, I used to watch everything, this last year, I think I've been more selective.

To be honest, I am over Sons of Anarchy, I kind of want everyone to die in it. Parks & Recreation is a brilliant comedy, but it isn't something I HAVE to watch. These days, my life seems to be revolving around Game of Thrones. Thankfully, the Sidekick loves it as well. If he didn't, things would be awkward, because I end up talking about it at least seventeen times a day. My favourite characters, you ask? Oh, The Hound and Bronn.

The thing about television ... I can't handle it.

Tonight, I am watching the second season of Orange Is The New Black and things are getting heated. I am too emotional for this show. If I'm not feeling bad for a character, I'm calling another one names. These girls are so conniving and mean. Needless to say, I wouldn't fair well in prison. Or maybe I'd shock myself and flourish there.

Don't worry, I told the Sidekick if I go to jail he doesn't have permission to write about it.

I think that's the sign of a good show (and a good book too), when you're so invested in the characters you are horrified when something bad happens to them. If you are one of those people, like me, who can't handle television, then don't watch Game of Thrones. Luckily, I've read the books, but those first three seasons, I was not handling things left, right and centre. Now I am prepared.

That being said, I am sort of in love with that Laverne Cox. Hot stuff. And who isn't thrilled to see Natasha Lyonne back in action??? I wish I had her wild hair.

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