Sunday, January 26, 2014

Ginger Bread Orange

You might not know this, but I'm a pretty big tea drinker. 

Today, I have poured myself six mug fulls. A little known fact, I don't drink tea when it's piping hot. I wait until it is warm so I can chug it back. 

Lately, my favourite mug is my owl one: 

And most recently, a couple days ago, the Sidekick bought a new teapot. It's green, which just happens to be the best colour on the planet. Not a shade of green is unworthy of liking. Here's the almost six cup beauty: 

A month ago, I was all about green teas, but these days are filled with rooibos. Did you know this naturally sweet shrub in the pea family is high in antioxidants, caffeine free and a powerhouse when it comes to health? It's true. Not only does rooibos help prevent some cancers, but it relieves skin conditions, aids in soothing upset stomachs, helps cure restless sleep, and improves circulation.

Now, don't say I never taught you anything. 

To my tongues enjoyment, I've been recommended the most divine tea. Ginger Bread Orange. It's sold at the Tea Centre in Courtenay and, honestly, it's the best tea I've ever had the pleasure of drinking. It's nutty. It's sweet. It's a simple delight. 

This tea is what I am grateful for. It just makes my days better. 

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