Saturday, January 18, 2014

Ass Kicker

Remember two days ago when I wrote a blog about nicknames?

I forgot one. Funny, really. Because it's pretty much the best one.

Ass Kicker.

One might wonder to themselves, how did this gentle soul of a woman who walks the earth barefoot get a nickname like Ass Kicker?

Pretty simple. I can be one harsh bitch. If there is an ass in need of kicking, I will gladly volunteer my foot, especially if it is someone I love. When people need help, I will help. This includes writers hoping to get an honest opinion out of someone.

I do not sugarcoat.

And, no matter how much I adore you, I will tear your work apart. In fact, the stronger my bond is to you, the more likely I am to bare my teeth and claws. Because I want you to succeed. I want you to have the best possible book, short story, novella, you can possibly have. Anyone who knows me, or is loved by me, understands ninety-seven percent of what I do is out of love.

Yes, I want to help others.

There are worse traits to have, I suppose.

And that is why, one such soul calls me Ass Kicker. Others just curse me under their breath and shake their fist. Some say I am scary. That's just honesty, though. It brings out different reactions in everyone. As I travel this path, I will try to hold onto this characteristic. Sure, it might not win me a lot of friends, but the true ones will understand and, maybe, appreciate it.

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