Thursday, January 2, 2014


Because I am trying to be proactive about this posting every day business, I planned today's out. 

But then I had a terrible dream last night. Really, just horrible. Details aren't necessary, but it was about my dad, so I am changing today's grateful thing. 

I'm choosing today to be grateful for my dad. 

The weird, wonderful, wise-ass that I most certainly take after. 

Apple and tree whatnot. 

Alright, to be fair, Herman was Marilyn's Uncle, but he did play a father role. And also, I'm not as plain looking as Marilyn. If you watch the Munsters, you will get that last little joke. 

1 comment:

Alex Hurst said...

I miss that show.... :'(

Your father is a good person to be grateful for. A toast to him, wherever he is. :)