Thursday, January 16, 2014

Nicknames & Secret Handshakes

I don't have a lot of nicknames.

Not really.

Teeny Weeny

Meh. What can you do?

My name isn't really conducive to nicknamery. This I blame on my parents. For years, I considered changing and using my middle name, just to add a fraction of spice in this bland life I have. In the end, I was too lazy to make it happen.

Still, I always wanted one. A cool nickname people would shout when I entered a party.

If I ever have a child, I vow to give him, or her, a name worthy of having a nickname. One worthy of cheering and shouting at parties. One they can be proud to have.

Not like my Teeny Weeny.

That said, I do have a secret handshake with someone. At least I have that to be grateful for.

It's pretty amazing. I wonder if he remembers how to do it

These little things keep the world spinning.

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