Saturday, January 11, 2014

Jockstraps & Wonderbras

Let's get serious. What? With the title, you thought this was going to be about undergarments?

Not bloody likely.

Today's program is all about support.

Here is a bold statement for you: there aren't a lot of people in my life. It's true. I have a very select, meaning small, circle of people I run and howl at the moon with.

Hold on, before you get all 'awwww' and 'that's sad', let me finish what I have to say.

For that, I am grateful. When you have a small pack, you know who to turn too.

I used to have more friends. While I certainly would do anything for those people, they had their own priorities to follow and their own lives to live. Certainly, some of them are still friends, but for the most part our locomotives are no longer on the same tracks. This is called existing. Though it may be sad when someone exits stage left from your life, you can curl in a ball and whine about it, or move along with the knowledge they weren't supposed to be there forever.

Besides, these paths we are on are twisty, windy things and you don't know when they will intersect with someone else. New or old. If you start to feel sad about losing someone, remember, no one is ever truly lost. They live on inside you. For as long as you let them. Also, consider how many lives you've left.

If you're lucky, which I am, you get to keep the extra special individuals in your life. The ones who, no mater how long you are apart, will always be able to rely and depend on you, and you them. When you move away, you have text messages and Skype, letters, birthdays, and love. I like to think everyone is special to someone. My little circle is special to me and I like to think I am to them.

It's nice to know who will be there for you. The ones who will let you crash on their couch if you need a place to rest your head. Those that think about you every birthday and Christmas. And those extra special individuals who will read the rewrite of the first book you ever wrote and tell you it's just as good as the crappy first edition.

My circle is small, but those kids are jockstraps and wonderbras.

Supremely supportive.

And they are definitely people to mention here.

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