Sunday, January 5, 2014

Winter Is Coming

Actually, it's here, as of December 21st.

It isn't in full force, though.

Weather is at a record low here on the West Coast. People freak out about this. Like it is so unnatural. But the thing is, it's only new in the last fifty years. This is the West Coast, it isn't supposed to have extreme weather conditions. It's supposed to be mild. Sure, that's sad news for snowboarders and skiers, and all the people who are going to be laid off if Mount Washington closes next week. Unfortunately, there are no chains on Mother Nature.

She's like any woman. She does what she wants. When she wants. How she wants.

We get used to how things are, expect them to be that way forever, but change happens. There are cycles that need to be taken into consideration. And temperatures have been this low before. Just because we bank on the arrival of snow doesn't actually mean it will be arriving.

That doesn't mean it isn't frosty out there. In fact, the frost is most pretty, especially early in the morning.

It's the frost that I am grateful this morning. Because it is beautiful. It is so intricate and complex. Have you ever looked at it? Talk about unique as a snowflake. And to think, snowmen are made entirely of this stuff.

Yesterday, I took a couple pictures of the frost. They might not capture the truly remarkableness of the cold weather or how amazing this form of nature is, but I want to post them because they are a reminder of how many breathtaking things exist in this world.

Upon review, I can see how some people might have thought this was going to be a Game of Thrones post. I apologize that it isn't and will try to refrain from tricking you in the future.

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Anonymous said...

Winter in the galactic works in precession so it's actually spring and that's the important thing to remember as the energies are now starting to pour back in to Mother Earth. If you wish to gain a true connection then take off your shoes, find a forest with some nice Earthy paths and walk through the forest with the soles of your feet placed against the pulse of Mother Earth. She will recognize you. She is a living, breathing god. You are created of her womb, all life is. And she is just one planet in an endless stream of life giving creations. All life is equally sacred, humanity is but one expression of life with a huge problem with the medula oblongata which is our lower mind. Often referred to as ego. This has taken the steering wheel for way too long. We are born with two minds, the ego and the higher mind which is the optic thalamus, the higher mind is god and the lower mind is the devil, both reside within and we walk through the garden of good and evil for soul experience

All things must pass.

You reap the energy you pour in to the heart chakra of Mother Earth, every person has the potential to be anointed within one life cycle, this is called ascension and it's taking place right now for more and more people as the winter cycle fast fades and our reunion to the heavenly energies is rekindled. This is galactic spring.

Take off your shoes, let the pulse of Mother Earth pulsate with your own pulse as they are one and the same. The central nervous system needs to be grounded as often as possible as the benefic energies are now palpable and grounding will help with a huge spiritual awakening within. It all has to happen within first, you have to remember to love and know thyself before being a reflection of this for others to see.

Winter is going not coming.

Game of thrones is riddled with gnostic occult symbolism. I could tear each episode apart and the same with the increasing amount of hollywood movies that think they are still catering to a very small "elite" group of insiders.

A forest is best due to the wireless intentional energies that those living entities we call trees give off, our DNA is symbiotically linked to all plant life.