Thursday, January 30, 2014

Eyes Wide Open

No, this isn't about that horrid Tom Cruise movie. And it was horrid. No matter what anyone says.


This is about posting every day and how eyeopening it is.

It's been thirty days since I started this endeavour and I've come to see myself in a different light. So much of my day is guided by how I feel when I wake up in the morning. If I wake up tired, my posts are tired, lacking. When I arise with the sun and settle into my day smoothly, optimism shines through the words I put out to others.

And, not so surprisingly, the worst my mood, the lengthier my blogs are.

It's the emotional overload. I strive to get it out of me.

When something sticks in my craw, it needs to be explored before dislodged. This seems wrong.

Why am I not relishing and dwelling and mulling over the good things? Why do I let the bad things bother me so much?

Because it's easy to let go of the good things, to accept them, and release them into the wild.

But those bad things. We hold onto them. Unable to pry our self-sabotaging fingers off it. And we brood.

These things are backwards and I'm going to work on amending that.

The bright side, the happier I seem to be the more pictures I take and post. So, maybe that's an easy way to resolve things. Take more pictures. Post more snapshots.

Also, I heard people are more likely to click on a link if pictures are involved.

And I'm all about virtual foot traffic. Not.

Still, I am grateful I'm giving this a go. It's allowing me to take a closer look at myself. Yeah, that's scary and daunting, but it's good too.

Because I can't be the girl I want to be without knowing the girl I currently am.

Now, here's a picture of me, because that's what you want, right? Right???


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