Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Wordy Wednesday

So, I am starting to seriously love Wednesdays. I start thinking about them in advance. Sorting through all the delightful words I love to say, new and old. Sometimes I even do research online. I read blogs and articles about words, the ones other people love and obscure ones that aren't used anymore. There are so many words out there and it saddens me a bit that I will never know them all. It's actually impossible. Just because my brain only holds so much. 

Today's word isn't a rare gem unearthed by exploring the online Thesaurus. Still, it's fun to say and hear. 

The word: Bamboozle

This little beauty means to trick or fool someone, usually through mischievousness, flattery or trickery. Apparently this word has been stumping etymologists for a very long time because the origins are unknown. The only thing word enthusiasts are certain of is that it lowborn people used it in their lexicons and it was once considered a form of slang. 

Call me common, but I think this word, both in structure and meaning, is perfection. In all its forms. To bamboozle. To excel at bamboozling. Or to be bamboozled. And for those who are professional bamboozlers, maybe they are bamboozlists? Okay, those last two aren't really words, but maybe one day they will be. Perhaps I can switch professions and become a bamboozler. 

For some reason, whenever I hear this word, I think of an old timey circus. The old games, like ring toss and darts, the striped jackets, wing tipped shoes and bowler caps. I think of bearded ladies, knife throwing, and contortionists. It's strange what becomes linked in  your head. 

Now pass me some popcorn. 

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