Saturday, August 2, 2014

This Little Lady

Yesterday, there was this amazingly beautiful dog in the trunk of a car out front of my work. I know how alarming that statement is. The trunk was open and the dog had access to the entire car. From where I was sitting, inside my place of employment, perched behind the desk, I watched her standing there, panting and looking incredibly uncomfortable with the situation. Her owners were nowhere to be found, but I figured they were at the restaurant next door because this actually happens a fair bit. The frustrating part being, there is actually an outside dining area where dogs are welcome. 

Anyhow, this little lady had nowhere to go. And no shade. Obviously very well trained, she was watching the door to the restaurant, standing in the trunk. Just waiting. Now, I get the owner probably thought he was being responsible by leaving the trunk open, figuring she couldn't suffocate because she wasn't physically trapped inside the car. 

Except, here's the thing - dogs can't be in direct sunlight for an hour. It can still give them heat stroke. Dogs may like to lie out in the sun, basking in the glory of le soleil, but they often seek shade when they've had enough. And yesterday, the temperature hit a stifling 27 degrees, which felt more like 32, and there I was watching this dog panting, growing more agitated, getting up on the rim of the trunk like she's going to jump out, and looking extremely stressed out. 

Now, I have a healthy respect for all animals. They are, after all, animals and, just like people, their situations can made them grumpy, or protective. It was with this in mind that I decided to give this dog some water. I figured, if she growls and bites me, so be it. I didn't want her perishing of exhaustion right in front of me. So, armed with a bowl of water, I went out to meet her. As soon as she saw me, she jumped out of the trunk and came right over. Not a drop of water was left behind. Clearly, the little lady was thirsty. 

And she was also so lovely. A total sweetheart. After petting her for awhile, I let her into the salon where she hung out, going from one person to the next, seeking out love. When her owner came out to find his dog missing, I quickly let him know where she was and why. He then put her back in the trunk and returned to the restaurant to finish his meal. I have no doubt he probably cared about his dog. He just wasn't very bright. 

First of all, it's far too hot for a dog to be left in a car, even if it is open. That sort of direct heat is uncomfortable for anyone, including a dog covered in fur. Secondly, there are a lot of people who are shy when it comes to dogs, especially one hanging out on its own. With no owner around, what is someone to do if the dog growls or barks, or jumps out of the trunk? If you have a pet, consider them like a child. You wouldn't leave your child in the car unattended, so why is it acceptable to do the same thing with a dog? The answer is: it isn't acceptable. 

Oh, don't worry. I didn't leave her out there in the trunk. I brought her back inside where there was air conditioning, food, water and lots of pets. She stayed with us until her owner finished his meal in the cool restaurant. If you were wondering, no, he didn't say thank you. 

The point of this is to shed light on the reality of the heat on our pets, but also to introduce you to Kilo. A most beautiful dog. She must have had some blue-nose pitbull in her, but a cross with something else as well. She was gentle as a lamb. Quiet. And most definitely one of the most well-behaved pups I've ever had the pleasure of falling in love with. Seriously, I don't condone stealing other people's pets, but I would have taken this one in a heart beat. Just beautiful.  

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