Saturday, August 30, 2014

Ending The Week

This week, and the month itself, has been exhausting, both mentally and physically. As it draws to a close, I am comforted by thoughts of sleeping soundly and sipping tea on the porch listening to the crickets and smelling the salty air. 

Since I have the next two days off, I will be hunkering down and healing. It's a process. 

To brighten spirits, I will tell you a quick story. 

In preparation for the upcoming final season of Sons of Anarchy, we are rewatching season six. It really wasn't the best ever, but I have been finding myself cringing at Gemma. So, I says to the Sidekick, "Gemma's hair is terrible." 

And the Sidekick replies, "She looks like Rob Zombie." 

So, I laughed, and made this for comparison. 

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