Tuesday, August 5, 2014

13 Things For Warm Feels

Sometimes all you want is the warm feels. To feel loved and comforted. At home and warm. Safe and sound. Tonight as I sit here wondering why I procrastinated writing this and wanting nothing more than to curl up in bed with the sounds of my dogs snoring, I am thinking about those little things that make us feel good. They are small, seemingly insignificant things that happen to pack a powerful punch.

Here are my top 13 things for the warm feels:

Drinking a glass of water when you're really thirsty.

  • There's something oddly refreshing about feeling the cool liquid rush down your throat and into your belly. Not much can top the reassurance that glass of water brings with it. Alas, you won't dry of dehydration like you feared you would. 

The first swim of the summer.

  • Dipping your toes into the ocean or a lake after keeping your legs hidden for the previous six months is awfully invigorating. On top of that, you can relax because you know there will be many more swims and water wading in your future.  

Applying chapstick to your burning, dry lips.

  • Nothing in the world can match the irritation of needing chapstick and not having it. The indescribably burn and, even though you know you shouldn't, you tell yourself not to, you can't help but lick your stinking lips. Then, your saviour arrives in tube form and you don't even care it's the classic original kind and not spearmint like you really wanted. 

Eating fresh bread right from the oven.

  • They say bread makes you fat. It's true. It does. But as soon as a fresh loaf is pulled out of the oven, fat doesn't matter anymore. It's just you and that bread, and most likely a pad of butter or margarine. 

Getting into a cool, clean bed after being camping. 

  • While the dirtiness of camping is liberating in the most primal of ways, taking a shower and getting into a fresh pair of underwear is only trumped by the feel of those crisp bedsheets as you slide into bed. The only thing better is the best night of sleep waiting for you to drift off into. 

Sinking into a long hot bath after intense exercise.

  • Aching bones, sore feet and angry muscles all rejoice when submerged in hot water. Added bonus if there are candles and bubble bath involved. 
Returning home after a long trip.
  • Being free to travel and explore the vast wonders of the world is an amazing privledge, but it isn't until you are off on a great adventure when you realize how appealing 'home' is. And when your time abroad is over, there is very little that compares to the rush of euphoria when you board the plan, train, bus home. Or the joy you have when you step through the door and feel truly and utterly safe for the first time in days, weeks, months.

Snagging a warm blanket from the dryer and curling up with it.

  • So much comfort comes from warmth. Swaddling one's self in a blanket fresh from the dryer is nothing short of bliss. Of course, some numpty may reason this is because it reminds us of being in the warm womb of our mothers. But they are, of course, drunk, and ruiners of all things amazing. The simple truth of the matter is, we love warm dryer blankets because they are warm and soft and comforting and small cocoons of safety. Duh.
Listening to the sound of rain as you go to sleep.

  • No weather can tame the wild beast of discomfort quite like the rain. All at once it is melancholic, soothing and contenting. As it taps, taps, taps against the window pane, one cannot help thinking how nice it is to be inside, gently being lulled by Mother Nature into a sleep fit for kings. 

Finishing a great book. 

  • Good literature can leave one jealous at times, but great literature lends to its readers only inspiration. A thousand creative sparks have been struck. There is nothing more rewarding than closing a book and knowing those flawed characters, the frustratingly perfect plot and enviable beginning, middle and end will stay with you forever. Or until you find the next great book to gobble up in a sitting and forlornly set aside once finished.  
Learning about heartwarming acts of kindness. 

  • There are so many people pointing out the terrible things in the world. It can be a bit daunting, to say the least. Still, through experience and assumption, I've ascertained for every wrong there are equal or greater rights. It's just the wrongs are forever in the spotlight. This is why we are so quick to snatch up heartwarming acts of kindness and refuse to let them go. There is nothing more rewarding than reading an article about a dog being saved, a kid being surprised, or a couple falling in love all over again. (Well, except maybe doing these things. Maybe that is more rewarding.) Still, we love hearing about the good in people. It validates our existence here and proves the age old saying 'it isn't all bad' is truth.

Laughing until you cry. 

  • Belly laughter so sincere and honest it aches in your guts and tears spill forth from your eyes. Breaths refuse to be drawn. Words come in gasps. And the point you were trying to make is lost in another fit of laughing. Priceless. 


  • Everyone loves pie. Right out of the oven. Made with love. 

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