Thursday, August 28, 2014

Reach Out

It's strange how sometimes all it takes is a 'hello'. A 'how are you'. An 'are you okay?'. 

I wish we could have tea. I'd bake us lemon cake. We could spend the afternoon in the sun, laughing and talking about what-ifs and what-was. There is a beach to scavenge. Mountains to gaze at. Seashells and sand dollars to collect. 

Bring your boots, for it gets muddy out there. If you are feeling particularly daring, we can go barefoot in the water. It's warmer near the shore. Hands can be held. Hugs can be given. And I will tell you stories. The ones you don't know. About my childhood. I will listen to yours. Soaking up the information you share. The knowledge you pass along. The emotions we both have. Perhaps we will bond over how human we are. You will tell me your secrets and your greatest loves and deepest worries. And I will tell you not to worry, to continue to love, and devour your secrets with my own. 

Come play with me. Feel the wind in your hair. The warmth of the sun on your cheeks. Hear the crickets. Smell the salty ocean and listen to it lap along the shore. There are birds, big and small, herons and eagles, sparrows and ravens. There are walks for us to take. Adventures for us to have. Nature is calling our names. 

Hello.  How are you? Are you okay?

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