Monday, August 18, 2014


Dear friendly readers, and not so friendly readers,

So, I missed two days of blogging. I am sure I was greatly missed. And while this failure is all in my head, because I'm the one who decided to do a 365 Day Blogging Challenge and really no one is paying attention, I can honestly say this was entirely out of my control. I have literally had zero free seconds for me to sit down and write to you. You can tell how serious I am by the amount of adverbs I'm using.

Trust me when I say, I would have rather spent my time hanging out here with you, writing witty things and holding your hand, laughing over fond memories and swapping amazing cake recipes. This wasn't the case because I have been on the go since Saturday morning at 5:20 AM. As an aside, I used to get up to go to work at four and I cannot fathom how I did that for nearly five years. 5:20 AM felt very close to an uncomfortable form of torture.

In the last three days, I've been to the mainland, gone to a wedding, cried my eyes out, taken two ferries, moved house, set up house, and sweated more than any one person ever should. I seem to think I stink, even post shower. It's been a mentally and physically exhausting weekend. Yesterday, I actually thought I had never been so tired in my life. Not an exaggeration.

Our programming will return to its regular schedule as of today.

Yay for routine. Maybe.

Xox Tee

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