Sunday, February 23, 2014

The Big Bang

Today I will not be writing about the theory behind the creation our amazing planet, Earth, and the universe it resides in. Nah, I'm going to dial it down a notch and talk about the television show. 

Some people may not be aware, but I like television. I used to not watch very much of it, but the more I write, the more I knit, the more I watch. A lot of the times it is simply background noise to whatever else I am doing, except with it comes to a select few shows. 

I have always appreciated the value of the half-hour sitcom. Usually these come on after dinner. And are 24 delightful minutes of funny. Growing up, I watched shows like Home Improvement and Full House, but above everything else Roseanne was the best. Because the family was dysfunctional and that was the beauty of it. Maybe I saw my own family in the show. 

These days, the half-hour sitcom isn't as memorable. There are a few that I certainly like to indulge in, Parks and Recreation, 2 Broke Girls and Modern Family are at the top of the list, but if I want a laugh there one show I turn to. 

The Big Bang Theory. 

Every episode has something to make me guffaw over. Currently, I am catching up on season seven and I must say  Amy Farrah Fowler is my hero. She's perfect and delightful, but also one of the most humbling characters. Also, Mayim Bailik was Blossom. And who didn't love Blossom? Though I really disliked her best friend Six, but I think there was an issue with best friends in the nineties. Six, Kimmy Gibbler, Screech ... why were they all ridiculous and kind of moronic? 

Anyhow, Big Bang Theory. I love it. 

And that Bernadette is hot. 

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