Sunday, February 2, 2014

Take My Breath Away

Yes, this is about the Berlin song. You know, the one featured in Top Gun when Tom Cruise has sex with Charlie. First she tells him how she doesn't want anyone to know she's fallen for him, then the magic happens. It's so romantic. They're all back lit, silhouettes on the billowing curtains, seducing each other with mesmerizing gazes. Kind of nauseating, really, but it was the eighties.

Honestly, I haven't seen the movie since I was twelve, but all these scenes came flooding back to me tonight. While I was eating sushi. On date night.

Whenever I go to this little Japanese place in town, I always marvel over the weird music they play. Tonight, took the cake. Berlin. Take My Breath Away. Only made more amazing because the sweetest Japanese waitress was full on singing it to herself.

It's funny how a song can remind you of a movie, but now, that song will always remind me of tonight and our waitress, and not Tom Cruise's nipples.

That being said, poor Goose.

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