Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Tears From Heaven

No, this does not give reference to that horrible Eric Clapton song. And yes, I am aware that statement will cause people the world over to gasp in horror. But it's the truth. Tears In Heaven is a horrible song. It's terribly depressing and breaks my heart. I mean, come on! It's about the death of his four year old son. I can't handle that. Too sensitive.

Don't get me weepy. That song and Life Is Beautiful. PASS.

Anyhow, I'm talking about the rain pouring down from the heavens today. It is nonstop. The clouds aren't even taking time to breathe. Wonder who make the sky so sad.

On days like these, everyone talks about the weather. They make comments about how miserable it is outside. Weather talk is about my least favourite kind of discussion. So, I am writing about it! How exciting, for you.

From where I stand, rain is awesome. It cleans the air. Feeds the flora and fauna. And who doesn't like that tap-tap-tapping against the window pane in the middle of an epic storm. Oh, and it takes care of snow. It's like, Hi Snow, you came, you saw, now you must go. Just like that, a little downpour and the snow takes off without so much as a goodbye. Fine by me. I'll take rain over snow every single time.

Unlike others, I look forward to the rain, I appreciate it. I am grateful for it. I even like walking in it, if I have the right footwear. Nothing better than puddle jumping. But do it on the way home, then you know you will be warm and dry in a matter of minutes. And have you ever smelled the forest during the rain. It's the sweetest scent you'll ever draw through your nose. Maybe you have to be a fran of nature to appreciate raindrops on roses. But then again, who the hell isn't a fan of nature?

Interestingly enough, I think this rainstorm is all my doing. I did the rain dance in our kitchen the other night. The Sidekick refused to join in. Typical. Still, my thighs and chants were strong enough and Mother Nature complied.

The other day when we were driving back from the ferry, we saw a rainbow. It was sunny and rainy and we knew it was coming. When we saw it, there was this sigh of relief because nature didn't disappoint. All this wetness is cleansing. Refreshing. It's washing all our sins away and giving us a fresh start.

Rain, rain, don't go away. Stay around another day.

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alex-hurst.com said...

I love the rain, too! For me it's always so nostalgic. I get a bunch of weird looks when I say stormy weather is my favorite weather over here. Those songs also make me cry.... but I still love them.