Tuesday, February 4, 2014

My Mom Hates My Piercing

Isn't it funny how some situations never change.

I remember when I got my tongue pierced. My mom hated it.

She told me it was disgusting and asked, "Why would anyone do that to themselves?"  

In all fairness, it was a venom piercing and quite swollen when I showed her. And, from an outsider's point of view, I can see how it might not be the most attractive of all piercings. After all, you can't talk right, due to a swollen tongue, and the barbells are too long. Still, I can't blame the double tongue piercing for her dislike because I distinctly remember her not being keen on my labret either.

And just forget about tattoos. I do believe she said she would cut it out with a knife if I ever got one. Granted, she never did. A clear cut case of no follow through. Still, she's always been fairly vocal about how she feels when it comes to body modifications. What can I say, Mom doesn't sugarcoat things. At least not for me. Because I'm tough, she says. 

But that tongue piercing happened over a decade ago. Surely things have changed since them. After 11 piercings and seven tattoos, she's lightened up a whole heck of a lot. Hell, she's even openly admitted to thinking tattoos are 'cool'. 

And yet, tonight, when I showed her my brand new, only a couple hours old, nose piercing she told me she didn't like it. According to her, it ruins my cute little nose. Evidently, my mom is not now, nor will she ever be a piercing fan.  

When I hung up Skype, I wailed, "My Mom hates my piercing." 

Then I laughed, because I was eighteen years old again, or possibly younger. 


See, some things never change. I will always be that kid, and that's kind of awesome. Also, I think it's rather wonderful that I have a mother who doesn't feel the need to bite her tongue when it comes to her opinion about my physical appearance. And people wonder where I get it from. 

In other news, my dad liked it. 


Dwayne Pike said...

Ha Ha Ha . still a cute Nose! It`s your body ."Do what you like!" OK OK No Branding Slashing or Mutilations !!

Greg said...

7 tattoos! More information required. I like your new piercing by the way.

Lucky you can tell your Mum. Mine doesn't know that I have tattoos. Neither does my Dad. I still remember the horror my Mum displayed when I got my ear pierced when I was 17 (this is going back a while...).

Tyson said...

I do consider myself lucky that I can tell my parents about my tattoos and such. They are really open minded people and even though she might not like my nose piercing, I know she won't hold it against me. ;)