Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Musical Memories

Sometimes a song is played and it takes me to a time and place I haven't thought about in years.

Just one song and ...

... I am eighteen years old again. Living in my first apartment. Crushing on that guy from Save-On-Foods. Working at Canadian Tire. Having my tongue pierced at Next on Granville Street. Writing terrible poetry. Being afraid of ants. Laughing with my sister. Going to the Java Joint. Wearing the smallest jean jacket in the world. Buying animal rights buttons and a chain wallet from The Rock Shop. Getting my first tattoo at Liquid Sliver. And my second. Watching the Black Halos play at The Piccadilly Pub on Pender Street. Being taken to see Wendigo. Feeling lost and unsure, and wondering if that will ever go away. (It doesn't) Always being plugged into my discman. Learning the lyrics to a hundred different songs a week. Falling in love with being independent. Finding out the importance of an apology. Wondering when I'll fall in love with a boy. Buying Converse shoes. Setting my hair on fire in the bathtub. Tripping and falling, but getting back up again, and laughing about it. Buying guitars from Long & McQuade. Hanging out with Bella and Sam. Saving Etnie.

Listening to music I will always remember and making musical memories.

I am grateful for those memories and the music that makes me remember.

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