Tuesday, February 11, 2014

To Be Missed

There aren't a lot of people who check in when I don't pop up online anymore.

Believe it or not, there used to be a time when if I didn't sign in people would flood my inbox with care and concern. They asked questions. They noticed I wasn't there.

Where are you? What are you up to? Is everything okay? Come back, Tyson, we miss you!

This is both sad and wonderful. Sad because I spent nearly every day on the internet for over a year when I should have been giving the people who brushed shoulders with me the attention they deserved. And wonderful because I felt loved.

The fact only a couple people notice when I'm not around makes me a bit melancholic, but at the same time incredibly happy. My internet consumption has plummeted, and justly so. I've been putting a dedicated effort into spending more time with those I love, meaning the Sidekick, my boys, friends, family, and my writing.

On one hand, I kind of miss being a popular force on the inter-web. On the other, I am proud of myself for prioritizing my life properly. Not that you all aren't important. You are. More than you will ever know.

Still, it's nice when those few people do come wandering around. The whole 'where were you?' questioning is actually quite lovely if it isn't coming from an abusive significant other.Perhaps it simply comes down to being missed, and how nice that is.

That being said, I'm still in charge here.

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