Saturday, February 15, 2014

Handmade Gifts

I cried yesterday. A good cry. 

All because my Sidekick gave me an illustration of my Little Guy. 

I am lucky to have someone so creative in my life. Grateful someone thinks about me enough to make me these amazing things. It isn't just the time that goes into it, or the talent. It's the fact that this person has given me exactly what I needed. Olive. My little guy. Who is at his other home right now and dearly missed. 

And can you believe this was done with felt markers? I know. Some people are so gifted. The Sidekick is one of them. 

I just love homemade gifts. They are so much more valuable than everything else. Words really do no justice for what I feel towards this. 

I mean, I cried. Happy tears. Maybe that says it all. 

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