Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Bar Has Been Set

Leppy recently returned from Las Vegas. Along with the bag of cocaine and hooker named Mercedes, she brought me back a miniature of the Las Vegas sign. It lights up all colorful and plays Viva Las Vegas and slot machine noises. Basically, it's the most amazing thing I have ever seen. As excited as I am about it, I think Leppy is a bitch. Now when I go to Ireland I have to get her something equally as mind-blowingly awesome. She has set me up for failure, unless I actually bring her home an Irish man. I think I have accomplish this.

The bar has been set, I will not fail.


C-Stene said...

Mercedes smells strongly of cigarettes, ketchup flavoured potato chips and broken dreams.

Author said...

Bring her back HobGoblin ale!!!

No jokes - there's also Whyte Witch (or WHite Wych) - can't remember - mine are all in a box in the garage.

I also got an Irish wishing stone - equally awesome - if you bring something back luv, it has to be luck of the Irish ;)

Although an Irish man might be good for her soul :P

If they know how to do one thing - it's PARTEEEEEEEE!