Wednesday, April 7, 2010


As Ireland approaches, I realize I am not organized, nor am I a good traveller. I don't like flying, being away from home, or flying. Did I say flying? Well, it is probably best for me to stress this fact. Regardless, I am going to Ireland, which I am super excited for. I work in an office. This will tie in, in a minute.
At work people like to count down the days until their vacations, weddings, ect. I don't. I hate the fact of counting down. It seems childish and, to be honest, ridiculous. I mean, I can keep an internal count. It isn't like I am going to miss it. I personally think people only do it so people ask them what they are counting down to. Regardless, I have a count down on my whiteboard now, curtosey of Leppy.
She drew this shoddy four-leaf-clover (which actually has five leaves) and is updating the number. Every day she does this, I snarl at her. It has been two days so far. It is the crappiest looking countdown I have ever seen.
No really, look:

I wouldn't put up with it, I would kick Leppy to the curb and search for a replacement, but she gives me things like this:

I mean, that's hands down the best gift anyone has ever recieved, ever, anywhere.

Who's that peeping in the window? Oh, it's my own reflection. I feel so unspecial now. Anyways, that's all I have for you.


C-Stene said...

First and foremost, I think it's a beautiful countdown. Imperfect and gritty. Kind of like Mickey Rourke.
And secondly, there's nothing wrong with being excited about your trip.

I'm going to send out an office wide email telling everyone about your trip.

You're welcome.

(PS. You can't quit this if you tried. *shakes ass while doing the Arsenio Hall fist pump*)

Piratina said...

This comment you have left upon my post conjures up so much imagery that my mind just had an imagery seizure and I can no longer function.

C-Stene said...

Good. Then let's go on a break then.

petrifiedtank said...

Ireland's great, every little bit of it. If you're in Tramore, say hi to Niall.

Dublin's good, too.

Hope it goes, flying's fun. You get to say things like, 'did you have the fish? dear god, please tell me you didn't have the fish. oh my god! he had the fish!' to people who look more nervous than you.