Thursday, April 1, 2010

Little Notes

Every couple of days a new note shows up on my desk from Leppy.
She wanders over from her desk to chat me up and if I'm not present and accounted for she will leave me a little blurb on a yellow post-it.

Some of the classic notes I have received:

32 A Year? F*** That S***!
Nut up Or Shut up
Be De Be De Be De BREAKING NEWS! Christene Is Lurking On Your Autho Forum
4 in the Mornin' In the Mornin In the morning

And today's epic note?


Yep. Zool.
It is something that just makes my day a little brighter.


C-Stene said...

Remember the episode of Sex and the City where Burger (ring-a-ding-ding) breaks up with Carrie over a post it?

That's how I'm going to tell you to stay out of my cubicle.

petrifiedtank said...

Can I get a Leppy?

Piratina said...

Yes, Craig, you can get a Leppy. Also known as a C-Stene. It might cost you though, I fill her gas tank from time to time and have to entertain her. But the notes are worth it.

petrifiedtank said...

She's funny.

Nick said...

Oh, it'll cost you all right.....