Thursday, April 22, 2010

I Miss Leppy

She went to Las Vegas in search of bitches, blunts and booze and I was left at home to rot. Well, this could be an exaggeration. Not the part about the bitches, blunts and booze, no those are the three Bs and are a necessity in having a good time. No, I mean the left at home to rot. Technically, the volcano made me stay at home and rot. Not that I am bitter. No, not at all. I wouldn't be on my way up to the Giant's Causeway right as we speak.

The thing about Leppy, and missing her, is I can say things to her I can't really say to anyone else. Cause she understands. There have been so many gold moments that I would have loved to have seen her expression over witnessing.

Last night she logged onto MSN and we had a little chat. She told me that her boy-toy vomited in his sleep and got it in her hair. I said, "Well, at least he didn't choke to death." And her response, "That's one way of looking at it Shirley Temple. Glass half full."

No one has snarky remarks like that for me. And I can't give them to anyone but her, for fear of seeing the 'ouch why'd you say that to me' expression. Basically, it's the I'm a pussy look and can't take a fucking joke. Leppy and I don't have this expression. I think it's because we are too busy laughing at ourselves.

It is moments like those that make me realize general life is pretty boring without Leppy. I think I am going to move into her basement and eat all her corn chips or something.

Dang it.

I'm going to make up t-shirts and make everyone wear them until she returns.


Troll said...

Is Leppy a backhoe? Or is this some kind of in-joke that people who do not know Leppy will not understand?

Piratina said...

I couldn't find anything that represented our friendship on the crappy t-shirt site where I created this. I selected the backhoe because it is green. I like green. Leppy likes green. And who doesn't like heavy machinery?

C-Stene said...

You can start calling me backhoe if you want. I've been called worse.