Saturday, April 12, 2014

Fortune Cookie

There is something nice about thinking the cosmos sends out reassurance in the form of messages. That might sound kind of crazy, but people love the idea of signs. Whether astrology, horoscopes, palm reading and psychics are fake or not, it doesn't matter. Because reassurance from a greater power is a comforting thought.

Haven't we all been there? If this is a right move in my life, show me a sign, then a bird poops on your shoulder. Okay, I added that last part to be cheeky, but haven't you stood there, looking at the great sky and feeling connected to something bigger than yourself. I get that overwhelming sensation whenever I step out in nature and I truly believe I am never alone.

And prayer? How many people believe in the power of prayer? Or the secret? There are all those people out there going on about the secret, which is really only positive thinking. So, yeah, I think most humans like the idea that the universe will direct us if we listen. That it will provide what we need.

Where am I going with this? Chinese food. Tonight we ordered Chinese food because we are lazy and it was gorgeous outside and who wants to cook every night of their life? It was pretty tasty, not exactly cheap, which is one of the highlights of Chinese food. Still, all things considered, it hit the spot.

Fortune cookies are my most favourite part of greasy take out. I've had some pretty good fortunes in my day, but tonight there seemed to be a bit of relevance to them. One kind of has to wonder if the universe is saying something, or if it's just a random coincidence.

Here is the Sidekick's:

Seems kind of sweet, right? Yeah, I was sitting across from him.

And mine:

All I can say, is I hope this is true. I really need some extra money these days. Not for anything frivolous. Just for living things, like a roof over my head and food in my belly.

So, positive thoughts and chin up, right?

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