Thursday, April 3, 2014

I Have Something To Say

But I don't have the energy or time to write it out. I will practice the post in my head tonight and deliver it tomorrow. Because there will be a tomorrow. 

Sorry, but the message is important and I want to do it justice. Sometimes we have to take a minute to think about what we want to say before putting it forth into the world. Well, isn't that just a golden nugget of information. Could you imagine if everyone thought before they spoke? 

I'll be back in due time. Until then, how about you tell me what you are grateful for. However big or small. Whatever it is in this moment that you love and cherish and are thankful for. Trust me, I won't judge. I never do. You can even post it anonymously. 

And I will be grateful for whatever you post because you are reaching out to me and I am reaching out to you. 

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Alex Hurst said...

I am grateful for my girlfriend, who has been there for me every day for the last 9 years, and has gone on this crazy adventure to Japan with me, and shares all of my interests (and I, hers) so that no part of my life is a lonely venture. :)