Monday, April 21, 2014


So, I'm sitting here and a ponderous thought popped into my wee head. What are the most popular searches on Google? Now, Google actually has something called 'Google Trends' which tells you what the most common searches that day are. Hip kids call this 'trending' - which basically means when the world is showing interest in the same thing at the same time. Sometimes the most popular thing makes sense. For example, Google just told me Easter is trending! 

Of course Easter is trending! Half the world is overdosing on Cadbury chocolates. Speaking of which, Cadbury totally has the market on Easter goodies cornered. I mean, they have Mini Eggs AND Creme Eggs. The later is a most perplexing invention I never understood or liked. A chocolate egg with horridly sweet insides that looks kind of like whites and yolks. Truthfully, I have never been able to finish one. They are far too sweet and, to be frank, nauseating, which strikes me as funny because they've created more of them to coincide with other holidays. Like the Scream Eggs they came up with for Halloween. No, I'm not making this up!

Literally, the only difference, other than packaging, is the inside is white and green, not yellow like a yolk of an egg. Everything else is the same, like the inability to eat one in a civilizaed manner. No, seriously. How are you supposed to eat these things? 

So, Easter is trending, which makes sense, because it's Easter. 

But Easter Sunday, yesterday, fell on the twentieth. April 20th. 420. Yes, you're right, the second most popular item searched on Google in the past couple days is the term '420'. Now this, this made me laugh. For some reason, I am picturing grandmas the world over typing 'what is 420' into the Google search engine. And what is the first post that comes up? 


And I just loved how 'cannabis culture' is in parentheses and it only gets better as you read (pronounced four-twenty). 

Oh, I'm not too sure why, but all of this just tickles me. Doesn't it seem kind of perfect? Having Easter and 420 fall on the same day. If chocolate and pot smoking don't go hand-in-hand, I don't know what does. Poor Jesus, I fear he is being out shined this year not only by a chocolate wielding bunny, but also sweet Mary Jane. This seems so cosmic. Perhaps even more so than the proximity of Mars and the lunar eclipse from last Tuesday. 

I simply can't wait to see what's trending tomorrow. Some days I'm simply smitten with the intersnacks and all it offers. Hours of amusement, really. 

Anyhow, Happy Easter, my lovely friends. Here's a zombie Easter bunny for you. It's made of chocolate. 

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