Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Lunar Eclipse

Some people couldn't stay awake last night to watch the lunar eclipse. It makes me sad they missed it. Even though I worked in the morning, I watched it all. The covering, the uncovering, how bright the beacon was after it was all said and done. And through the hours I stared out my bedroom window, I thought to myself, I'm lucky.

Lucky to have a bed, in a room, in a house and to be watching this spectacular event from the comfort of my home, warm under blankets. Lucky to be alive to witness it. Lucky enough to understand the importance of standing still and taking notice, even if it is at three in the morning.

I never want to miss out on that child wonderment. Eclipses, shooting stars, seeing Mars with the naked eye, these things invoke those feelings of awe. When the 'blood moon' was hanging up there and the stars around it glowed so much more brilliantly, I felt small and insignificant but a part of something grand and amazing. Everything in nature is bigger than I am. Space, forests, ocean. Limitless.

But whenever I am experiencing it, I feel big and strong and limitless too. Like I can do anything.

Those times are special and I wouldn't trade them in for a few more hours sleep.

I took a picture of the moon through my window, but it does it no justice. Still, it's worth a chuckle:

Yeah. I need a better camera.

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