Thursday, April 24, 2014

The Mysterious Cave

Our landlord was showing the place yesterday, so I took Doolittle out for a walk while Doofus stayed behind with Dad. Oliver (AKA Doolittle) has stubby legs, so I knew we shouldn't go very far. For some reason, I decided to take him into the Secret Woods. In hindsight, this was way too far away for him.

The secret woods is this confounding place at the end of Maryport street.  There's a twisting trail off the roadway and, if you walk far enough, you'll find this strange quarry like place with a graffiti covered ruin of sort and old cars that have been smashed to smithereens. If you go to the right, past the ruins, you'll find this jagged hill. And if you climb that hill you'll find yourself in this wide open area of nothingness. I am guessing there will one day be a housing development here.

Yesterday, I didn't go right, I went left. Because I hadn't explored left before and there were trees there. Past the wrecked car were three paths - one on each side and the last straight ahead. Just before submerging into the super secret forest within the secret woods, I thought to myself how I wished I'd brought Doofus and left Dolittle at home. Here's the thing about the secret woods, no one knows what truly exists there. Unlike Dolittle, Doofus has a big old bark and the legs for running away, if need be.

But I ain't no chicken. So we went into the super secret forest within the secret woods.

The straight trail led up a hill to a little lookout and a makeshift fire pit. So, this territory had obviously been explored before. After all, there was a trail. Then we decided to take the trail on the right and, rather awesomely,  it actually wrapped around and brought us back to where we started. Drenched in rain, covered in mud, we decided to head home.

This is when we found the mysterious cave that looked man made and gave us the creeps.

If we had of seen the mysterious cave in the secret woods before our expedition, would we have ventured forth? Good question.  We aren't sure. I have some pictures of the mysterious cave/fort. What do you think?

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