Thursday, April 10, 2014

April 10th

Is anyone amazed by how fast time goes? It completely baffles me how much of my life simply passes me by.

Today I have noticed my inability to slow things down. In the face of the world, I am not afraid. The thought of no longer existing doesn't hamper my breathing. Doesn't frighten. Because this is all so fleeting. This moment. This day, week, month and year. A blink of an eye. And then what?

I am determined to experience it. And when it gets hard, I promise to ask myself how much it truly matters?

A dream within a dream. We are the cogs in the machine. We are what is right and what is wrong. We are distracted. And tired. Sometimes we are broken.

Which is why it is important to play. To stretch wings and hearts alike. To stand atop the mountains. To swim in the ocean. To sink into the earth. To kiss often and firm.

I am grateful for adventures. The outdoors. Salty seas. Wild winds. Dirty feet. Cold water. Tasting life on the tip of my tongue. Existing exquisitely.

I am alive. And if just for today, okay.

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