Sunday, March 16, 2014

Wolf Nose

Smells are driving me crazy right now. I'm under the weather, but for some reason my sense of smell is rivalling that of a wolf's. Honestly, I've never felt so nauseous and achy in my life. Yesterday, I spent the entire day on the couch, except the handful of times I took the dogs outside to do their business and switch Veronica Mars episodes. By the by, Tim Foyle's hair is hideous. What was he thinking?

Anyway, I have it in my mind to re-watch the seasons before partaking in the movie, which happened to get a limited release in Canada. Also, it isn't showing in any of the theatres on Vancouver Island. That means I will have to pack my bag and head over to the mainland for a movie. Yeah, that's not going to happen, not anytime soon. I'm hoping it will come over here sooner rather than later, but still the Sidekick hasn't seen the television program so I doubt he will go see it with me. Of the limited friends I have cultivated over here, none of them are stoked on this release. Yes, it does make me question the validity of their friendships.

But I was discussing my wolf nose. Under normal circumstances, smells can get to me. It's a sharp sense I have. My ex actually was the first to point out the wolfishness of my nose. I could smell something off from two rooms away. I'm sure he dreaded the words 'what's that smell?' because I'd then have to go and actually find the noise, which proved to be time consuming. I very rarely don't get the offending offender.

With being sick, it's making me want to puke though. And I don't even have an excessively stinky house. But there's the compost, the bathroom, which no matter how hard I scrub still seems to smell like urine, the dogs, who are disgusting animals, that I totally love, cat litter, and even this new shirt I'm wearing has a new smell stink that's causing me to wear a grimace.

It's driving me nuts. Rolling my stomach. What do I do? Plug my nose, I suppose.

Today I ventured out to get orange juice and, would you believe it, the store only had from concentrate. I was hoping for the Happy Planet Valencia Orange one. Here's the thing about this whole nauseous can't stand the smell of my home thing, I don't vomit, so I know there will be no end result. Haven't upchucked since I was twelve years old. Grade seven. And I am usually grateful for that.

Here's to a better tomorrow.

Because you care, here is a sickie selfie. 

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