Thursday, March 13, 2014


The truth is, I'm not close to most of my family. There are a select few who I keep up with, but I'm lucky for those. The rest is scatteref and virtually unknown.

Tonight has been cinnamon buns, stories and laughter.

Death doesn't scare me but it definitely leaves a hole. People carry on. We live our lives. And those we love stay with us. But things do change. You change.

Shot with a bullet of emotion.

My granny was 92. I cannot even imagine a life that long. Cannot comprehend all she experienced. Born in 1921, she saw the world morph and grow. The world she was born into was entirely different from the one she left.

There is sadness. But joy too. And as much as it makes me feel guilty,  relief. For peace and the next chapter and an end to the pain and fear of the world she was trapped in at the end.

And we gather here. This family I have. Parts of it, at least. To exist. And be.

Grateful for my sister. Mom. And crazy cousin who probably shouldn't have brought that wine.

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