Tuesday, March 4, 2014

365 Dresses

No more flowers, no more candy, no more silly gifts. I want dresses.

On a whim, I've decided I want a different dress for each day of the year. 365 dresses. Now, wouldn't that be sublime? Judging from my sailor's vocabulary and love of all things zombie and pirate, some might assume I am not a dress person. This simply isn't true. I love to twirl and swish my skirt fabric about.

Back in the day, I used to be a bigger tomboy than I am now and existed in jeans and t-shirts. But then, one glorious day, I discovered the freedom of not wearing any pants and haven't gone back. Nowadays, I probably wear jeans once a week, and that's being generous. Dresses are my favourite thing to wear because they are easy to put on, hide many unpleasant things and make you look prettier with very little effort.

I'd say I own approximately twenty-five dresses, but that's just a rough count I did in my head because I'm far too lazy to go upstairs. By this shoddy calculation, I only need 340 more dresses to reach my goal. Hopefully, people will want to see my dream come true and send me dresses in the mail. Now, wouldn't that be lovely? Imagine if girls the world over raided their closets to send me just one of their dresses. Or if boys raided their girlfriends' or mums' closets because they want to see my dream come true. How fabulous.

Now, I am a hippy girl, meaning I carry most of my weight in my hips and thighs, so the sizing might be a bit tricky if you want to send me a dress. I usually wear a size ten or a medium, especially if the dress is an A-line. Please take into consideration my bust, not only because it is amazing, but because it is on the better endowed side. If you are a full B-cup and the dress is tight in your chest, then it is not going to fit me. Sad but true. Also, my favourite colours are purple and green, but I am convinced any colour of the rainbow and those in between would look smashing on me.

And now I sit back and wait for the dresses to come in ever so grateful I had this whiz kid idea.

Here is an old picture when I had long hair in which I am wearing one of my twenty-five dresses.

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