Thursday, March 6, 2014

Breasts and Brains

My father shared this image on Facebook today:

Frankly it causes me concern. First of all, I don't carry my cellular phone in my bra. I don't even keep it in my pocket. It's either in my purse or on a desk or side table. Second, I want to know how long girls are keeping their phones in their bras. If this sign is in fact true, then isn't everyone worried? I mean, next to the breasts, where is the next popular place to put your phone?

Against your ear.

Right next to your brain.

As it is, I worry about all the crap floating through our air. Wireless signals, cellphone towers, radio frequencies and the internet ...  it's all out there. Streaming through our heads. In reality, we will only be learning how all these things affect us. The internet is a relatively new thing. Remember when people didn't know cigarettes were bad for them?  How foolish are we going to feel in ten years?

I suppose I am grateful that I don't talk on my phone all that much. I basically only use it to post pictures on Instagram and play Words With Friends. What can I say? I lead a very exciting life. Still, the internet is all around me, every day, all day. Yikes.

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Dwayne Pike said...

Tee Thank you for your post! Be assured that I do not put my Cell phone in my Bra! You are correct the phone when in use is usually on the ear . close to the Brain! There has been an increase in Brain Tumors ... because of cell phone .. I don`t know .. perhaps this can be your next Blog Flog Vlog or whatever it is!