Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Today I received the most beautiful bouquet of flowers from the girls at work. They are so fragrant. I can smell them from the living room. This might be because of my wolf nose. Regardless, they are gorgeous flowers. The lady who made the arrangement is opening her new business in the valley. She's very talented and I know this will be a success for her. It always impresses me the different ways people are talented. How we all think differently and excel in unique ways.

Some of our ships are simply passing in the night, some with drop anchor and bob next to each other on the never settling waves of life. Either way, we are lucky for the ones we come in contact with. The ones we get to meet and stand still with for a bit. I am grateful for those I have in my life, those who have left my lift and even those yet to come into my life.

Anyhow, aren't these beautiful?

Kind of wish my floor wasn't so dirty.


Alex Hurst said...

Oooo~! Proteas! That's my dad's favorite flower. :)

Any special reason for the bouquet? Or just a random act of awesome?

Tyson said...

@Alex My grandmother passed away and I took a few days off work.