Monday, December 1, 2014

Winter Wonderland

Because I'm not a fan of Christmas I am finding it difficult to execute my very first December blogging challenge. Grasping - At - Straws. But because I am channelling my optimistic outlook and always try to go above and beyond I will name THREE things I love about winter, not just one. Talk about a glass half full kind of girl, huh?

1. The freshness in the air.

I'm lucky because I live on an island and am surrounded by trees, so the air quality is actually quite good all year round. Still, there is a certain loveliness to the winter air. The chill bites at your cheeks reminding you how alive you are and there is the scent of wood burning because everyone turns on their fireplaces and start stoking their wood stoves. A lungful can be so invigorating.  

2. Frost.

Not on my car windows, though. Though I don't like snow, I have this affection for snowflakes and the patterns the frost leaves on every surface it touches. In the mornings, the grass is hard and icy, but if you look close at the leaves and flowers, there is this fuzzy frost on it and that's kind of beautiful. 

3. Bundling up.

There's something comforting about staying in your sweatpants, wearing a sweater and pulling out a patchwork quilt. Being warm is glorious. And there is nothing better than knowing you have nowhere to go on a cold day. Bring on the slippers, tea and day lounging about with the pets. 

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