Tuesday, December 2, 2014

This Isn't Really A Christmas Movie

Day two in my December blogging challenge!

A movie with snow in it.

This isn't a Christmas movie, but I have to go with Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince because it's the first one to pop into my head. Sure, people wouldn't consider it a holiday classic, especially when they find out the only reason I thought of it was due to the creepiest part of the movie. You know, when Katie Bell touches the opal necklace and in jerked around in the snow, then suspended in the air, screaming. It's pretty much the most traumatizing part of all the movies.

It's snowing n that scene.

Most of the Harry Potter movies have a Christmas scene but I do believe the Philosopher's Stone has the most holiday merriment, probably to show the young viewers the magic and merriment even wizards have for Christmas. You see Hagrid bringing in the tree and Ron and Harry opening presents, which is when he gets his invisibility cloak. In the Half Blood Prince, Harry is actually at the Burrow for Christmas. As I sit here thinking about Harry Potter, I realize there is a lot of snow in them! I think I'll have a marathon over the few days I have off.

Anyhow, what is the first movie you think of that has snow in it?

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