Sunday, December 7, 2014

Go To Gifts

Stockings have always been my favourite. Not only to receive, but to give. When I was young, we always got a movie and music, a magazine and toothbrush, things we needed, like elastics and bobby-pins, and things we didn't, like candy.

We all have our go to gifts. Here are seven go-to gifts that never seem to disappoint and are useful as well as fun:

1. Socks - Everyone loves socks. Slap a cute animal or funny word on it and you will definitely have a hit.

2. Magazine - The great part about magazines is there are so many out there. Knitting magazines. Tattoo magazines. Fashion magazines. Science magazines. Hockey magazines. There is a magazine for every single person in your life.

3. Bubble Bath - Sometimes guys will tell you they don't like to take bubble baths. They are lying. They love taking bubble baths. You can make it a bit more manly by gravitating away from flower scents, but who doesn't love a little lavender in their life? Men. Women. Children. Parents. Girlfriends. Husbands. Say it with me, bubbly bath. They'll love it.

4. Tea - This might be a bit more tailored to tea drinkers, because there are some that don't partake. Then you can buy some artisan coffee instead. A diffuser and loose leaf tea, always a big hit. Make it something season just to make the person feel more Christmasy.

5. Toys - It doesn't matter how old someone is, toys will always make them happy. Think about the toys you had as a kid, like the Etch-A-Sketch or Barrel Of Monkeys, they are still available! These classic time wasters will have your secret Santa buddy ecstatic.

6. Candy - There are sweet treats for everyone you know whether they be vegan, lactose intolerant, or just difficult. Pick up something delectable that you can eat on boxing day while you curl up in front of the television in your pyjamas.

7. Gift Cards - It doesn't have to be a massive amount, either. A fifteen dollar Starbucks card or twenty buck card to Chapters will have most people stoked. It's a stocking, it doesn't have to be too extravagant.

These are the things I love to shove in a stocking for the ones I love. What are your go-to gifts? I love ideas. So, let's help each other out this year.

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