Thursday, December 4, 2014

Do It Yourself

As I typed the title of this here post, I thought of an awesome way to touch on independence and taking care of yourself. But that isn't going along with the theme, now is it? Instead, I am writing about Christmas. Inspiration strikes when you least want it. Well, it shall not get the best of me today.

One of the reasons I came up with this blogging challenge was so I would have a month of planned out blogs and not have to worry about 'coming up with' stuff to write about on the spot. I may be quick on my feet, but after 11 months straight of blogging, I need a little help. And also, I have a lot of knitting to do. Today, we are talking about doing it yourself.

There are so many Do-It-Yourself Christmas projects out there. I mean, Pinterest is overrun with a million things you could try to make and fail at. I absolutely love making things for people. I've decided to never buy another scarf, toque, mitts or cowl again. Ever. Now that I knit, fairly well, I might add, I can't fathom the idea of buying a cheap knitted item for anyone. However, I will buy you a sweater because I am not that quick of a knitter and have yet to knit myself a sweater, let alone someone else. Knitting is my go-to Do-It-Yourself.

I also bake. When in the grocery store, I avoid the cookie aisle. Sometimes those suckers are so tempting. Except. they never taste as good as homemade cookies. So, another thing I will never buy again, chocolate chip cookies. Or any cookie.Well, except fig newtons. I haven't been able to master those yet, but I did come up with these amazing chocolate peppermint sandwich cookies that are amazing. I'd share the recipe but I can't find it.

This year, I am branching out and trying a new project: caramels. I am determined to make tasty vegan caramels for people. Hopefully, I can master these in time for Christmas giveaways. Fingers crossed. So, if you are looking for me this weekend, you may find me in the kitchen, all sticky and grumpy.

Another thing I would love to try to make is decorations for our tree. I imagine when I have children I will become super crafty overnight and be this amazing Martha Stewart mom. Seriously, I envision making advent calendars and sewing stockings, patchwork quilts and clothing. All things I have no idea how to do now. Dream big, right? Sometimes I see what other people create and get insanely jealous over their raw talent. Some people have it. Others don't.

You know what I definitely can't do. Snowflakes. Just like chain paper dolls holding hands. Anything with scissors and paper, count me out. It's important to know where your lines are. Right?

So, what are you doing yourself this year?

Remember this one? 

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